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I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the University of Memphis, and a member of the theory group here. Currently, I am working as a Graduate Research Assistant. My advisor is Dr. Thomas Watson. I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2013 from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Techonology, where my advisor was Dr. Md. Saidur Rahman.

My research interest is in computational complexity and their classes. I've been working on proving hardness of two player games. These games are variation of the classic TQBF problem. We would like to know how the different boolean formulas behave in terms of games. I also researched in security in cloud computing. I used openstack environment to understand vulnerabilities in live migration of virtual machines. I proposed a runtime monitor to solve some security issues. Here is my Resume.

Md Lutfar Rahman 
PhD Candidate | Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Computer Science
UofM logo The University of Memphis 
201, Dunn Hall 
Memphis, TN 38152 

901.273.4019 | mrahman9@memphis.edu
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Ph.D. in Computer Science (Aug 2016 - Dec 2021)
University of Memphis, TN, USA.
CGPA: 3.98/4.00
B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (2013)
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Techonology, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
HSC 2007
Govt. Shahid Bulbul College, Pabna, Bangladesh.

SSC 2005
Pabna Zilla School, Pabna, Bangladesh.

Work Experience

Graduate Assistant, University of Memphis. August 2016 - Present
My research interest is in computational complexity and their classes. I've been working on proving hardness of two player games. These games are variation of the classic TQBF problem. We would like to know how the different boolean formulas behave in terms of games. I also researched in security in cloud computing in the GTCS lab. I used OpenStack environment to understand vulnerabilities in live migration of virtual machines. I proposed a runtime monitor to solve some security issues. I also worked as a teaching assistant for the course Computer Architecture and Organization.
- Area: Security in Cloud Computing, Computational Complexity, Computer Architecture.
- Responsibility: Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant.

Senior Software Engineer, Appdragon UK. May 2014 - Jul 2016
I worked as a full stack engineer for a healthcare management web service. the backend was developed in python django with postgresql and on the the front end there was bootstrap and jquery. Then I lead a team of three people for a non-blocking bulk web messaging service, which addresses scalability issues. It was developed in python tornado. The main challenge was accommodating huge amount of requests concurrently.
- Projects: SmartMed, Email2SMS, Phoenix.
- Technology: Python, Django, Tornado, PostgreSQL, Celery, RabbitMQ, Mailbox, Nginx, HAProxy.
- Responsibility: Developing new features, Team Management, Client management.

Software Engineer, Commlink Info tech Ltd. Feb 2013 - Apr 2014
I started as a backend python developer. Here I developed an E-commerce web service with python django. Then I researched on Simple Network Management Protocol for remote device management and developed a Network Management Software in Java. Then I worked in a call monitoring web service in Asterisk SIP for Bangla-Phone.
- Projects: E-commerce, Network Management Software, Call Monitor.
- Technology: Python, Java, Django, MySQL, Hibernate, SNMP, Asterisk SIP.
- Responsibility: Developing new features, Research on network management.

Volunteer Experience

Vice President, Bangladesh Student Association at University of Memphis. AUG 2018 - May 2019
Secretary, Buetians' Association of Pabna. May 2010 - Jul 2014

Publications (Google Scholar)

Md Lutfar Rahman , and Thomas Watson, 6-uniform maker-breaker game is PSPACE-complete, STACS 2021.
Md Lutfar Rahman , and Thomas Watson, Tractable Unordered 3-CNF Games, LATIN 2020.
Md Lutfar Rahman , and Thomas Watson, Complexity of Unordered CNF Games, ISAAC 2018 , ACM TOCT 2020
KD Gupta, ML Rahman , D Dasgupta, S Poudyal, Shamir's Secret Sharing for Authentication without Reconstructing Password., IEEE CCWC 2020
AM Mahfouz, ML Rahman, SG Shiva, Secure live virtual machine migration through runtime monitors, IEEE IC3 2017
Md Lutfar Rahman, Fahim Tahmid Chowdhury, Eshita Zaman, Design of a Surveillance System for Dhaka City, Undergraduate Research

Conference Reviews

IAICT 2020
ICSigSys 2019

Research in Games

My current research is in two player games and their complexity. It is deeply connected to the P vs NP problem. While John Nash showed the existence of Nash equilibria in these games, we try to show how it is unlikely to find an easy-to-search winning strategy. I have three papers in games. Couple of new PSPACE-completeness results are there.

Research in Cloud

I'm passionate about cloud infrastructure and network management. I have one paper in security of virtual machine migration with openstack. The issue was to find what possible attacks might occur during the migration. We proposed runtime monitors to secure the event. I have another paper in design of a distributed authentication system. The idea is what if we do not save the whole password hash at one place? Even if the attacker decrypts a password hash it is still just a small part of the whole password. As a graduate level project I made a simulation of an overlay network on top of a real network [https://milu-buet.github.io/Overlay-Network-Simulation/] . As work experience, I had chances to research on a network management software. It involved the SNMP protocol and MIB table.

Undergraduate Research

During my undergrad, I did my research in dijktra's algorithm on maps. It involved location based map API, vertex cover problem and several variations of dijkstra. I researched on how finding the shortest path in a graph is different to finding that on a map. How things can be improved. It involved some simulations with map API. Some part of the simulation is available here: [http://milu-buet.github.io/thesis_javascript/]. I also helped my geologists friend do ground motion simulation. It involves octree and etree data structure on a map.

Network Management Software [Java, Hibernet, SNMP, MIB] ◆ Manage and visualize network status. ◆ Link
Call Center Solution [Python, MySQL, Asterisk] ◆ Create robot call, record, organize calls, create conference calls.◆ Link
SmartMed [Django, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Celery] ◆ Mobile healthcare management services ◆ Link
Email2SMS [Django, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Celery] ◆ Send emails as SMS. ◆ Link
Smartmessage [Tornado, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Celery] ◆ Asynchronus Bulk SMS system ◆ Link
E-Commerce [Django] ◆ Online shop in Bangladesh.
BibleShake [Android] ◆ Show random bible verse. ◆ Link
Undergrade Research [Javascript] ◆ Link
Overlay Network Simulation [Javascript] ◆ Link
Rent-a-bike [ruby-on-rails] Awarded top projects
Distributed Prime Number Checker [Hadoop, Map-Reduce] ◆ Link
Movie Recommendation System [ML, Python] ◆ Link
Metagnomic analysis [Python] ◆ Link
CAN Network Hierarchy [Python] ◆ Link
Distributed Graph Algorithms [Spark, Map, Reduce] ◆ Link
Twitter sentiment analysis [NLP, python] ◆ Link
Game: Air Fighter [C, openGL]
SMS Compression and Decompression [J2ME]
Temperature Controlled Fan [Microcontroller, Stepper Motor, Temperature Sensor]
intelligent Fan Rotation [Microcontroller ,PIR Sensor ,Stepper Motor]
Packman game in 32*32 LED matrix display [Microcontroller]
Intelligent solar panel [Microcontroller ,Stepper Motor ,LDR]

2021: Offered FACEBOOK Summer 2021 Internship.
2021: Paper got accepted at STACS 2021.
2020: Paper got accepted at MDPI Journal.
2020: Paper got accepted at ACM TOCT Journal.
2020: Paper got accepted at LATIN 2020.
2020: Paper got accepted at IEEE CCWC 2020.
2020: Solved 500+ problems in Leetcode.
2019: Defended Ph.D. Dissertation proposal.
2018: Attended Mid-South Theory Day 2018 at Houston.
2018: Elected as the Vice-President of BSA at University of Memphis.
2018: Paper got accepted at ISAAC 2018.
2018: Awarded outstanding oral presentation at 14th Annual CS Research Day.
2017: Paper got accepted at IEEE IC3 2017.
2017: Awarded top projects (Rent-a-bike) at Software Engineering, Spring'2017 .
2016: Started working as Graduate Assistant at University of Memphis.
2016: Enrolled at the University of Memphis for Ph.D. in Computer Science.
2016: Left Appdragon Ltd.
2014: Started working as Senior Software Engineer at Appdragon Ltd.
2014: Left Commlink Info Tech Ltd.
2014: Got trained on SNMP protocol from China.
2013: Started working as Software Engineer at Commlink Info Tech Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh.
2013: Completed B.Sc. in CSE from BUET.
2009: Awarded top projects: Temperature Controlled Fan.
2008: Enrolled at BUET for B.Sc. in CSE.
2007: Awarded as Champion, ONURANAN Mini Math Olympiad, Dhaka.
2007: Awarded Board Scholarship.
2007: Passed HSC from Bulbul College Pabna. (5.00/5.00)
2005: Awarded Board Scholarship.
2005: Passed SSC form Pabna Zilla School. (5.00/5.00)
2003: Awarded Talentpool Board Scholarship

My Interests

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Pursuit of Wonder

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Attack On Titans
Avatar: The Last Air Bender
Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
Death Note
Silver Surfer
Captain Planet
Ghibli studio movies

Favourite Games
Table Tennis

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